Vietnam Mui Ne KiteSurfing

How to get to Mui Ne: You have to fly to Saigon and then you need to catch a bus or a taxi to Mui Ne. It will take you 4-5 hours to get there. The bus ticket costs 4-7$ and the taxi is around 60-70$ after a bit of bargain.

Weather Conditions: It’s windy year-round, but the high season is from the end of November till April, every day - wind. The direction is side-side-on shore and the wind is turbulent. The water is choppy, no smooth surface and no shallows at all. There is a wave spot on 10-15 minutes away from Mui Ne, where the wind is thicker. In the mornings, you can ride with bigger kites and in the afternoons, you could use 7-8 sq.m. The most popular size is 10 sq.m.

Accommodation and food: The prices of the hotel rooms vary from 6 to 140$ for one night. For 3040$ you can hire a well-furnished bungalow or a single room, right on the beach. If you don’t insist on that, you can find a room, 50 meters away from the beach for 10-20$, even for 8$ for longer period. The food is incredibly delicious and cheap. There are all kinds of fishes, shrimps, mussels and many other types of seafood. There is an Internet connection in the whole area. There are no crimes and it’s full of European tourists.

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