Interview with three-time Bulgaria kitesirfing champion Zhecho Mavrodinov

Are you satisfied from the organization of Bulgarian Kitesurf Championship 2011?
The organization was good. I hope the lack of wind on the competition dates this year will not discourage the organizers for the next year. It looks like our sport is the most capricious one from the sailing sports.

Is it necessary the National championship to be held in Bulgaria also in the future, given the fact that here is almost constantly windless?
If the Federation let the national competition to be held outside Bulgaria, it will be really nice. If there is stronger and more consistent wind it will be also better for us and more spectacular for the audience. It’s a pity there was not enough wind on the competition for freestyle discipline which shows the real level of every competitor.

What about the competition in kitesurfing contests? Has it strengthened in recent years?
The level is definitely growing for the last 2-3 years, which is normal having in mind the significant increase in number of kitesurfers. The team from Pomorie, for example, is going to the sky.

What about the level of Bulgarian kitesurfing compared with those in Turkey or around the world? And will we ever get the level of some of the top 10 in the world?
I do not think we’ll ever reach the level of the top 10, but we can compete with Turkey, though.

What is the role of the sponsor in the development of kitesurfers?
Kitesurfing equipment has serious improvements every year so it is important to have newer equipment. Having a sponsor makes that possible, but let’s not forget that the wind and the competitor skills are the most important. I want to see a Bulgarian competitor who got paid to travel, train and compete in kitesurf.

Do you have a personal sponsor? What will you tell us about him?
My personal sponsor is SurfShopBurgas, which is the biggest kitesurf and windsurf equipment distributor for Bulgaria.
Surfshopburgas offers most of the biggest worldwide brands. The variety and the huge assortment in the shop makes kitesurfing available for everyone who decides to practice it. There you can always find the newest models kites, sails, boards, wetsuits and etc.

Where is your strength – hangtime, freestyle or crossrace?
The Bulgarian Sailing Federation is pushing the discipline course race because this is what the ISAF is trying to set as an Olympic discipline. I am doing well in that discipline. Regarding Hang time (longest time in the air), this year there was no hang time discipline because the wind wasn’t strong enough. We’ll wait and see next year, cross your fingers for more wind! Freestyle discipline is very hard for judging because the tricks we make are very hard to be seen if you actually cannot do them by yourself. So all the guys who know good tricks compete and that’s why there are no judges for the freestyle. Anyway I still have a lot to train for the freestyle discipline. :)

What is the trick that causes you most difficulties recently – in other words, where do the biggest bombs happen? :)
You can do a bomb while trying almost any trick, even the easiest one. Especially when you had a 3-4 months break during the winter and then you get in the water with full power and a lot of adrenaline. If you don’t kill yourself the first 2 days, it means that the season will be good.

What is most important to develop as kitesurfer – to be a daredevil, the good equipment or the talent?
All you need is DESIRE – that’s all!

And as we said daredevil, what is your opinion about kitesurf beginners, their immortality, and especially lives of the others (let’s not forget also the fucked-up equipment!!!)?
My advice to all beginners is to take some kite lessons in the beginning. It will definitely save them money and time. If they don’t care about their safety, they should be at least more careful about others on the beach. Learn what is upwind and what is downwind, please!

You are II level IKO instructor and give lessons for a few years already. What about all those who want to practice this extreme sport? To what a teacher they should choose? Because we all know that 90% of instructors in BG are self-appointed?
It is important how much experience the instructor has. There are a lot of people who are acting like instructors. It looks easy from a side but let’s not forget that during the lesson the instructor is the responsible one if something happens and, believe me, bad things in kitesurfing happen very fast.

What is your advice to kitesurf beginners who had just got on board :) and think themselves for daredevils?
To calm down a little bit.

Mom’s favorite dish? And speaking about food, do you like the Turkish Balyk Ekmek and which is your favorite dish on Gökçeada island?
I eat everything but lamb. I didn’t get used to the lamb meat. Uhhh, the Balik Ekmek for 5 liras helps a lot when the wind forecast is good. :)

Having toured the world pretty much, which’s your favorite spot? (Try to fit in only 2-3 sentences :))
Well, the island is the place. There is no such place as Gokceada. We’ll see how long it will stay in this way.

And favorite brand equipment?
North Kites and boards.

Because of your consecutive champion title, don’t you think it is right to give all a treat with bir dondurma karadut? Whatever we do or write, we circle around the Turkish! :) Do you have a favorite Turkish phrase, something like Sniper’s legendary: „Bir tokat, patlajan goz,djandarma problem”
I can only add another phrase created by Dr. Kableshkov: Tirbushon varmu: He knows the story…

Speaking in Turkish, what would you say about the situation in Gökçeada: the invading Romanians, Volkan and his „fresh“ ideas and the anarchy in general on the Island?
Mmm yes, Volkan wants to have the entire beach (which is normal), but we’ll really fight to make something better than his futuristic creation last summer. Let’s hope things will happen after the spring so finally we’ll have a nice school and hangout place with full facilities at the wave spot. Cross your fingers and welcome in the beginning of the season to get rid of the winter boredom.

And now, the icing on the cake, is your heart still not-occupied, or all fans should cut their veins? :) A possible answer is „Ask me another question, dude“
Well, who knows…….the time will show, mhmm let’s move on to the next question.

Favorite sex-position?
Oh, excuse me, this was from another interview! lol
Sex? – Love, love should be all around. And a little bit of wind from time to time, what else do we need, ah!

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