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Bulletin Archiv

20.09.12 New photo set from Primorsko Championship 2012 in kiteboarding course racing и hang time.
21.07.12 Enter Kitesurf-varna.com & see the new forecast! ;)
15.05.12 New photo gallery from Kazashko Varna - Kitesurf lesson
07.02.12 Brand new video ot Aaron Hadlowand cameraman Andy Gordon ASPIRE The Movie
17.01.12 Interview with three-time Bulgaria kitesirfing champion Zhecho Mavrodinov
15.09.11 3 YouTube video clips of Kitesurfing King Aaron Hadlow, as well as one crazy video of the even more crazy Len10Jump the pier in Tarifa
16.08.11 After the two times postponed launch of Bulgarian KiteSurf Championship, due to strong winds ;), there will be a third attempt in Primorsko of 03-04.09.2011. In case dates change again, you can inform yourself from the calendar: Bulsaf
08.06.11 Turkish State Meteorological Service West and East Mediterranean - New website for wind direction and speed with very good animated weather forecast is now in section Meteorologia
30.05.2011 Season Opening Party 11.06.2011 ,9:00pm in Beach Bar CAMPOO Shkorpilovtsi! Everyone invited! Windsurf and kitesurf School Campo with new website: Campo-Tour.com
27.04.2011 Some important links, from which all kite-riders can inform themselves what's happening in the prokiters world: Facebook
PKRA-World-Tour,New liveresults,Twitter @prokitetour,Daily Pictures
07.03.2011 Kite surf, sun, wind, heat and night life and all these during the winter in Boracay: click here for super photos from the Kite-trip to Boracay
20.02.2011 Snowkite in Sinaia/Romania – an important gravitational event. Thus between 21st-27th of February - Read more: SnowKite-Romania
09.11.2010 Adrien Monnoyeur - Kite-surfer, 24, dies after gale drags him 100mph across beach and drops him from 50ft Read more: Dailymail.co.uk
18.09.2010 -3 new videos from YouTube.
Ariel Corniel 2010
Robby Naish Rips It in Hawaii
NAISH 2011 Kiteboarding - Intro Video
07.07.2010 116 photos from kitesurf competition "Crazy Island Open 2010"-Gokceada Turkey, finished just 3 days ago.
26.12.10 Честито рождество на всички кайт райбери и дано новата година не е греда като 2010!
72 снимки от ВолКайт Фест: Volkite Fest
16.06.2010 The first Kite Surf Regatta “Chernomorets Burgas 2010” will take place on June 26-27, 2010 in the Burgas Bay – North Beach, Burgas,Bulgaria. Detailed information here: Kite Surf Regatta 2010
11.06.2010 >>> Rip Curl Party <<<June 12.2010 Kabakum Beach All Kite and Windsurfists are invited!
05.06.2010 >>> OPEN AIR PARTY <<<June 12, 2010 CAMPO Bar Shkorpilovci - opening season '10 Welcome!
15.02.2010 Festival of the wind - kitesurfing and windsurfing 26-28.02.2010 in Maroco Daкhla- more information at official site of organizers : dakhla-festival.com
18.12.2009- 3 new videos from YouTube.
Surf - Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards
Wingsuit Base Jumping
Kite Surfing - Crazy Jumps 70ft Over
02.11.2009 Shkorpilovzi Wind of change - 40 pictures from past summer, let us getting worm with these pictures because the winter is comming.
06.09.2009 News form the last minute: Zhecho Mavrodinov is Bulgaria's third Republican Champion Comming soon - interview with him how to become a winner, plus is he is single or not?
and do the girls have any chance?..
25.08.2009- 3 new videos from YouTube.
Anglo-Swiss rayvin in Soma
North Rebel 2010
Naish 2010 Torch Kite
28.07.200995 pictures from Krapec, you can see very well when there is no wind.
20.07.2009112 pictures from finished 3 days ago tournament in Gokceada Crazy Island Cup 2009, Classification and all scores.
13.07.2009 Please be welcome on 18 july (saturday) at 19:00 h. on Hydropark Kazichene - Sofiq, where charity Exit Night (facebook link) will take
01.07.2009 Brand new head of our site
speacially made from our collaborator Deniza
. Let the summer be fresh, windy and with good memories (windy hehe it is too clear that will be not windy as always), island Gokceada is in 520 km.
24.06.2009 60 pictures from KiteSurf Camp which took place in april on island Gokceada.
16.06.2009One plus 4 more sunday's bomb, one superman and rubber man. All pictures from Shkorpila, will be here after 20 days, next gallery Goka-april.
25.05.2009- 3 new videos from YouTube.
Mondial 2009 - PKRA Leucate - Kitesurf
Calibrate - Aaron Hadlow & Andy Gordon
Carpe Diem Hardcore Kiteboarding Trailer
20.05.2009 83 pictures from Wakeboarding weekend - Sofia Kazichene, the lake is great, only you mus tride with gloves or to roll up grips on handles. :)
08.05.2009 Mui Ne, Vietnam a wonderful destination with unique lifestyle, exotic, food and of course unbelievable kitesurfing conditions represented by the guy with the flowers.
01.05.2009 We added calendar 2009 of all competitions from PKRA Kiteboarding 2009. Most attractive is destination Teri Kite Pro - New Caledonia So far,that Machu Picchu Peru it seems as Shumen. We are begining to collect money for christmas trip
29.04.2009 45 pictures from the begining of April ( first for the year kite 2 days weekend) of island Gokceada, kindly granted from Vasko Haralanov and we are very grateful for this.
14.04.2009 88 pictures from Egypt Kite Surf Trip kindly granted from the tandem Venci and Petia. There are pictures from : Cairo Street Life, Sheraton Miramar Resort, El Gouna Kitesurf spot, Temple Karnak, Valley of Pharaoh
20.03.2009 30 pictures from the fifteen day long trip to Dakhala Marocco Kite Trip
23.02.2009 4 new videos from YouTube.
Kevin Langeree Big Bay beach 2009
Kitesurf Wipeouts - Ben WilsonBEST Kahoona & Underground FLX 2009
NKB Jaime Pro 2009
Aaron Hadlow and Andy Gordon will burst with a new kite movie like Matrix, here you are the trailer: hadlowpro
A bit more information about these neoprens NPX Lucifer Drysuit prices varies from 600-700 usd. Are they better than the other neoprens, somebody who will try will say. 
30.01.09 For those of you, who are bored of the winter here are 3 offers for warm wheather, the flights are from Germany.
El Yaque Margarita Island, Venezuela
Mauritius, Indian Ocean, Indian Resort Hotel & Spa
Safaga, Egypt, Imperial Shams Abu Soma
better offers from:
Club-Mistral - Kite&Windsurf Holidays
19.01.09 62 pictures in gallery from the second trip in 2008 and 2009 to Cesme Alacati Turkey. Plus addtional information and a google map.
24.12.08 - 4 new videos from YouTube.
the first video, there are some tricks that guarantee the girls' attention on the beach, if you learn them ( but you must ride somewhere else but Krapetz, still there are no chicks ;).
the second video is for the new EVO09 and it's a good one.
the third video shows the tricks for the new 2009 year, we know all of them, except one - the Front Mobe ;) 

15.12.08 Cover Kitesurfers, Keco and Marian making time exposures and flirt with lens of cameras on varna's newspapers from friday. 
Christmas is coming and here are the new video regards from kite club Varna- disco, fight with snowballs, folk and many more, you are dancing hard :) Some of you who can't see themself in video, next year please be more regular on spots and then you can see you in party.
1 Hari, Icho,Joro,Polia and Krisa -disco moves
2. Ico, Keco,Lambo,Mitko and Ico -black/white with subtitles 3. Doctor, Kalo,Dobata,Lusi and Forkata -city wise guys
4. Dynata, Stancho, Koseto, Radi and Svetlio -office moves
5.Liubo,Venci, Petq,Valio and Mitko -working brigad
6.Jecho, Sibo, Sniper, Marian and Svetlio -snow fight
>>>>> Watch this show programme <<<<<
Before the go to piss, after that will be too late
28.11.08 So long waited pictures from Shabla ( only 63 from 1950 ) from previous month.
17.11.08 - 2 video clips from Hоod River Oregon USA, kindly granted from our delegate - Lujbomir Mirtchev. He is already riding with advanced riders. ;)
The Wind Tunnel

Waddell Creek kiteboarding 2008 
05.11.08 Pictures, maps, and many useful information from Tarifa and Tenerife for kitesurfing and holidays.
Special thanks to our information attache : Jecho Mavrodiev
26.10.08 - 58 pictures from yesterday Marian Birthday Party, Video clips will updated at the end of the week.
22.10.08 H-Bomb Wetsuit, guys from Rip Curl are working hard from 1967 and this year they release first in the world power heated wetsuit. From the laboratory said, that it heat all body. The problem of winter riding is in freezing of the fingers and toes, not in the back where the new power heated wetsuit heat from Low: 50¬55C till High: 60¬65C. Price : 1000-1200$ Videos and more infrormation :
Rip Curl H-Bomb Heated Wetsuit - video clip
Rip Curl H-Bomb Wetsuit Demo - video clip
Rip Curl H-Bomb, turn on the heat- information.
Best bay: White Rum or Dark Rum is the choice of editors for winter.
"Heat moderately" - message from KSV.
20.10.08 Two advertisements in Youtube of Coca-Cola and Peugeot. The advertisement of 206 I don't believe that it is succeeded to sell even a car. The Advertise company probably is going bung. 
13.10.08 - 4 new videos from YouTube.
Clip of new Vegas 09 , also clip and of a finished today competition Chile PKRA which is also and the last in calendar. One very strong kite loop and too much spume from
Billabong XXL.
09.10.08 Chile Movistar PKRA Kite Surf Tour
04-11.10.2008 $40000 Matansas, Navivad
discipline : Freestyle, Wave
Scheme Mans - Scheme Womans
Freestyle is over first at womans and mans are :
Aaron Hadow & Gisela are world champoin for 2008, this guy Hadlow go to extremes ( and now to buy a drink ).
more information: hanglos-news
07.10.08 Winter comes and together with her 2 winter sports Cesme, Marmara island in section WindGuru link spots
02.10.08 Who win first place in Brazil and who will get 5 PKRA world championship - Aaron Hadlow.
More info on : flexifoil.com

29.09.08 95 picture from Krapetz Big White Bears , Varna Lighthouse and a few pictures from Gokceada, kindly granted from our newsman - Veselin Marzakov.
24.09.08 Brazil PKRA Tour $40000 - 23-28.09.2008
Parnai'ba - Lui's Correia, Coqueiro
discipline : Freestyle,Big Air & Best Trick
Some of the riders which are confirmed participation:
Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Alvaro Onieva, Alex Pastor, Cesar Portas , Mikael Blomvall, Sebastien Garat Petr Tyushkevich, Michael Schitzhofer.

17.09.08 Canada Kiteboarding Video - Presentation PKRA Tour 09-13.09.2008
16.09.2008 - 4 new videos from YouTube.
Third clip Nick Jacobsen make this road-jump with kiteloop, auto insurance and healthy pants :)

12.09.2008 Information, pictures ,videos & comments about Freestyle kites Vegas 09 and Torch 09.
Torch- Action Video

Torch- built on the hugely successful 2008 design
Torch- Here is my review on the Naish 2009 Product
Vegas- Some photos of Mario Rodwald at Fuerteventura
Vegas- Unhooked heaven, kiteloop love!
Vegas- Anyone tested it?

09.09.08 A groupe of volunteers pack up for landing on Gokceada near 20.09. for 8-9 days, the information is running out from Plovdiv brigade &Eretick Association.
06.09.08 In section Top Pro Riders are added 12 new links with top riders, they make such a big, mega and giga loops, as one and one equals two :)
04.09.08 In section Top Pro Riders are added 13 new links with pro girls, they are driving like they want to refuse us from this sport.
30.08.08 Little change in section with links, all links are moved to a new page " all links ", here in front page are left only the Best Links
27.08.08 KiteSurfWorldCup PKRA Germany 23-31.08.2008 information, photos & video.
25.08.08 -3 video clips from this month of Gokceada,Warning one of the clips (the heat is more for me) is a little bit obscene, for this We apologise to the generation which is grwaing up right now and to the beautiful ladies who visit often our site.
16.08.2008 - 4 new videos from YouTube.
14.08.2008 - 230 pictures from Gokceada + a short video " Sand Fire Dance"
23.07.2008 - 70 pictures from the Varna WindSurf Cup - Free Style competition plus special music greeting to the Spoonman ENJOY!

16.07.2008 LAZUR VARNA Sport Club organizes the first Windsurf competition of its kind on 19-20th of July in Bulgarian sea capital – Varna. The place is Varna Fishermen’s Beach /Ribarski Plaj/ we’ll do our best to provide wind and sun and we welcome you! Coorganizer is Varna Municipality and the prizes are provided by RIPCURL. more info
14.07.2008 So long-expected 170 pictures from the last month stay on Gokceada + 2 pictures with exclusive author's rights from "The boy with the bouquet" photoset, kindly conceded by Dr. S. Kuzmanov.
08.07.2008 Movistar Nissan Kite Pro PKRA,
5 pages information, lots of pictures and videos from the
competion held on 06. 07' 08 in Tarifa, El Chiringuito
03.07.2008 pictures from Burgas KiteSurf Cup 08, held on 27-29. 06' 08
Let's hope the next there will be at least 8-10 m/sec

01.07.2008 - 2 two videos from day 2nd and 3rd of PKRA Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
24.06.2008 PKRA Cabarete
Location: Bozo Beach, Cabarete, Dominican Republic Prize
Money: US$ 40,000
Dates: June 24-29, 2008
more information

18.06.2008 Some information, pictures and few comments about kites and boards for 2009.
North Rebel 2009
Slingshot Fuel 2009
RRD Passion 2009
Naish Sigma 2009
Cabrinha Kondor 2009
Slingshot Lunacy 2009 board
ABoards 2009 5’6” board
Cabrinha 2009 board

07.06.208 4 new videos from YouTube.

26.05.2008 Due to migration to a new server, the access to kitesurf-varna.com could be limited for the next 72 hours.
20.05.2008 58 pictures from
Krapec-29.03.2008 & Kazashko-28.03.2008!

15.05.2008 On 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th of May 2008 (24th and 25th - if the forecast is right !!!)
Surf shop “ Burgas ” organizes Kitesurf tests of kites and boards.
Spot: Kite spot Burgas (Solnitsite)
All kitesurf fans of are invited to test the new models of the season!
For more details: 0898200304 - Kuri

07.05.208 4 new videos from YouTube.
18.04.08 Wallpaper 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 you can find even more with various sizes resolution on Kite World Mag.com in different sizes resolution
(800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024).

16.04.2008 video from WorldTour PKRA France 12-18.04
& 4 new videos from YouTube.
12.04.08 Kite World Tour PKRA France 12-18-04.2008 find more info, pictures, videos and comments at:
Mondial du Vent & PKRA Press Release
08.02.2008 77 pictures+info from
Essaouira-Sidi Kaouki Trip Marocco 2008!

04.04.2008 Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) Kiteboarding Grand Slam 2008 section was added, with all the data, dates and spots, where the competitions will be hold and the sites where you can read about it also. Since we can’t visit all the competitions, we could be at least well informed with pictures, videos and comments.
30.03.2008 Pictures of the other nuts when the wind force was 50+knots - Kazashko Lake 02.03.2008 an some pictures of the bandits shot on the next day, when the wind fell to 30 knots - Varna Lighthouse 03.03.2008
27.03.2008 New wind spots - Tenerife, Margarita island, Coche island & Boracay island in WindGuru link spots section were added.
20.03.2008 4 new videos from YouTube.
The first video was specially selected for the lovers of the cameras. If you like to pose, make sure that you are on a safe distance from the objectives and the chicks on the beaches as well, it's not difficult to see that we are dudes even from afar ;)
15.03.2008 12 new links in Online - Shop & Cool Links section.

Volkite Club
- We hire kite and windsurf
instructors for season 2008

05.03.2008 13 new links in Accessories&Boards & Cool Links section.
03.03.2008 After 3-4 months waiting for some information from Lambo and Marian about their last year's kite trips to Alacati and Bozcaada, we post the pictures with some poor info, found in Wikipedia.
27.02.2008 The most photographed of us! As we see his pictures in the local newspaper on a regular basis, the next step is limited edition post stamps!
14.02.2008 4 new videos from YouTube.

09.02.2008 169 pictures from
Cairo&Pyramids - El Gouna Kite Sirfing Trip Egypt 2008!
If the information is correct, there have been 12 fatal accidents for the last 7 months, if we don’t count those in Malta and Sevastopol.
more info : viewtopic
Stay alive while having fun!

22.01.2008 On January 3rd a fellow Swiss kitesurfer died in El Gouna, Egypt. Many people eye witnessed this tragic accident, as he was pulled a long way through the lagoon on a looping kite. Other kites screamed that he should release the QR, and others tried to down the kite, also the rescue couldn't help. Once the kite stopped looping they could only get him out of the water unconscious, or already dead.
more info : viewtopic
Maybe that's the reason that the web cam does not work.

12.01.2008 4 new videos from YouTube.
24.12.07 63 pictures from
Durankulak, Lighthouse Varna
03.12.07 There is a list with the Wind Gods for believers, not believers and kiteboarders, who don’t know to whom to pray. Everyone of you, pick up a God and start praying, for stable, constant, long lasting fronts and less turbulent 2008.
For those who don’t pray, don’t be surprised if there are no enough windy days for ride ;)

28.11.07 Mui Ne - Vietnam - how to get there, accomodation, food and wind conditions, or short info plus pictures from that distant spot, submitted by our correspondent there - Zhecho The Kite Vagabond.
27.11.07 4 new videos from YouTube.
14.11.07 6 return videos from 2004 with Stan Radev, who rides for realkiteboarding.com at moment. You can see Gokcheada 4 years ago, there were noone hanging around. This summer, there were days with more than 40 surfers on the South spot. And it's getting worse!

10.11.07 Some pictures of the wedding day of the best of the craziest windsurfers ;) thanks to our collaborator - Engineer Slavova
09.11.07 Here is the place windsurf-vietnam.com where our dandy Jecho spent the last 2 days. The temperature of the water is 24 C and the air is 30 C and it will last for 3-4 month, try not to be envious! ;) Let's hope that there are just training sharks!
30.10.07 After long and exhausting negotiations with the "White Kite Asses" we took the author's rights for that "Unique Picture", which could be seen only here. Some people show bottoms, other "fronts"!
29.10.07 21 new links in Kiteboarding, Accessories&Boards & Cool Links section.

26.10.07 4 new videos from YouTube.

13.10.07 On 20th and 21st of October on the South beach of Burgas, you can test the new FELIX and Torch 2008, and also the new boards 2008. Windsurf tests - the new sails FORCE and ALL TERRAIN, and also the new boards PRO WAVE US, FREERIDE SLALOM. Top PRO riders will demonstrate them with exclusive performances. The full informatin on NAISH GOES EAST.
09.10.07 You can download the new video of the North's new Vegas 08 here: download movie Vegas 08 or to watch it here: Action Video. The wing might not be that good, but the guys are magicians ;)
30.09.07 Videos from Gokceada,Kamen Brqg & El Gouna (9 short ones). I strongly recommend you the video from Kamen Bryag, the guys are truly mad, and for those who has fear of sharks - an authentic close up on El Gouna's beach ;)
27.09.07 4 new videos from YouTube.
14.09.07 230 pictures from Gokceada, Datca, Gokova & Knidos, the vudeos will be ready and uploaded next week.
23.08.07 New department Top Riders were added in the link section.
09.08.07 4 new videos from YouTube.
30.07.07 We finally found the lost pearl of the Varna crown, a bit grown - Stan Radev! read more information here ->
Best Riders, 3240 Degrees & REAL Coaches

29.07.07 What do you need to ride in the city, it's simple: 10 liters rain on a square meter, obstructed sewage and a bit of the Russian enthusiasm > Video Clip!
19.07.07 New pictures from Gokceada in the following sections: vampires, gravediggers, kitesurf & aliens
Gokceada in three words (surfing, drinking, sleeping)
This is all you need!

12.07.07 5 new videos from YouTube.
New spots - Bozcaada , Limnos & Levos in
WindGuru link spots section were added.

03.07.2007 The picture was shot in Big Winds shop in Oregon, US (The Gorge). From left to right – Sirma, Robby Naish (tightly caught so not to move) and Lubo ;) Picture for millions, we all envy you.
For those, who don’t know who Robbie Naish is, you can check it in wikipedia and watch this short video.

26.06.07 5 new videos from YouTube.
Todd Falcon video is recommended!

24.06.07 Photos from Kranevo & Romania, where we won’t go again unique winds and kite spots!
06.06.07 Photos from Krapetz!

05.06.07 10 new links in Accessories&Boards section.
31.05.07 Videos from Krapetz (9 short videos) , pictures from the same date were added in a gallery !
26.05.07 New links in Kiteboarding & Boards section were added. 5 new videos from YouTube were uploaded.
22.05.07 Houston we have a Problem :) I have no idea is it real or not, but Larnaca airport in Cyprus is situated next to the sea and the windsurfers ride beneath the airplanes, where the wind gets total overpower You can share your opinion in the chat box , on your right.
24.04.07 Photos from Krapetz, Kazashko Lake & Varna!
17.04.07 A group for Gokceada gathers, arrival on 28.04, if the forecast is good enough, the stay will be up to 8-10 days!
04.03.07 Photos from Lighthouse!

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